The inspiration, the motive and the driving force is the female form/essence of the woman. 

The brand’s weekly renewable collection radiates boldness, sensuality and splendour for those who value beauty. Each piece will give the wearer confidence.

The AMNESIA collection is, in every inch and stitch, designed for women, with consideration of current high street fashion and ever-changing trends. The overarching principle is to deliver uniqueness!

The AMNESIA fashion brand, established for more than 15 years, represents beauty, style, and free spirit, aligned to women’s personality. 

AMNESIA is varied, exciting, creative and sensitive just like the brand owner, Èva Prokai. This is a lady who listens to her feelings, develops and shapes her business to satisfy the fashion needs of women from students to professionals, yogis to runners, young to mature, and with a range of prices to suit. Eva believes in following fashion but to live, breathe and feel it by creating new and innovative ideas to be one step ahead in the ever changing world of fashion.

We hope you love AMNESIA as much as we do!